How to buy a domain you need for your website?

Buying a domain is a very interesting task. You need to find the correct one. Sometimes you need a domain name, but it is already taken by someone. We will show you how to buy a domain.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to buy a domain?

  1. Go to

    We recommend namecheap because they are in the domain industry for a long time.

  2. Search for your domain name

    Search for the domain in the search section. If you couldn’t find one, go to and you will get tons of idea.

  3. Click on add to cart

    Click add to cart to add the domain in your cart.

  4. Choose other options

    There are other options you can find. For example, whois guard, private email etc. Whois guard is free. So, we recommend it .

  5. Select confirm order

    Select confirm order. You will be asked to open an account. If you have already an account sign in.

  6. Add a card

    Add your debit/credit card. You can use Paypal also.

  7. Finish buying domain

    After that you, click continue. They will verify your payment. After that, you will be the owner of the domain.


We have discussed how to buy a domain. If you need anything help, please contact us. Buy from our affiliate link in the footer to get 25% discount on domain purchase.

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