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How to Make Laravel validation with custom message

Laravel is a powerful and popular PHP framework. We will show you how you can make Laravel Validation with Custom Message.

Laravel Validate() function

You can use laravel validate() function.

$rules = [
        'name' => 'required',
        'email' => 'required|email',
        'message' => 'required|max:250',

    $customMessages = [
        'required' => 'The :attribute field is required.'

    $this->validate($request, $rules, $customMessages);

Validator Facade Usage

You can use Validator Facade to do something like that

$rules = array(
            'URL' => 'required|url'
$messages = array(
                'URL.required' => 'URL is required.'
$validator = Validator::make( $request->all(), $rules, $messages );

if ( $validator->fails() ) 
    return [
        'success' => 0, 
        'message' => $validator->errors()->first()

Or you can do something like that,

$validatedData = $request->validate([
       'f_name' => 'required|min:8',
       'l_name' => 'required',
    'f_name.required'=> 'Your First Name is Required', // custom message
    'f_name.min'=> 'First Name Should be Minimum of 8 Character', // custom message
    'l_name.required'=> 'Your Last Name is Required' // custom message

For translation

['f_name.required'=> trans('user.your first name is required'],

So, We have covered Laravel custom validation message.

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