how to find page id wordpress

How to find page id for WordPress sites ?

Sometimes you need the page id for your WordPress site. May be you are making a plugin or you need it for special development purpose. Whatever the need is, we are here to figure out how to find page id for WordPress website. So, stay tuned.

What is page id?

An ID is a unique number which identifies that particular item in your WordPress database.

In WordPress, everything has an ID. Pages, tags, categories, menus, etc. All have IDs which is how they are referenced and saved in the database.

There are also plugins that will help you find that little bugger called ID but do you really want to add a plugin for something you may only need once or twice and what is so easy to find?

WordPress has posts, pages , category pages and more. Do not mix post id and page id. Post ids are different from page id. You need to build a plugin, then these two ids will come in handy.

Find WordPress Page Id and Post Id

Now, let’s find out how to find page id for WordPress sites and also the post id. There are situations when knowing a Page ID might be helpful. All you have to do is going to your WordPress Dashboard site, click on the page that you need an ID for and look at the address bar – there you’ll see a number that represents the Page ID.

find post id wordpress

Login to your WordPress website and click on Pages menu. Once you are there find page title for which you need ID and simply hover over that page.

You will be able to see the page ID at the bottom of your browser window as URL.

Just scroll over the post name you want the number of, and you will be able to see post ID in the bottom.

ID number can be one digit, two digits, or several. It depends on several factors and nothing you need to concern about.

You can also find page or post ID by clicking on the post you want, to open up the WordPress editor.

Find Media, Category, and Tag IDs in WordPress

Media, category, tags also have their unique ids.

The process is pretty much identical. That is, you just need to:

  • Edit the item you want to find the ID for
  • Look for the number in the URL

How to Show WordPress Post ID With a Plugin

If you need to work with post and page IDs on a regular basis, you might want a bit more user-friendly approach to find post IDs and page IDs.

If that sounds like you, the free Show IDs by 99 Robots plugin adds an ID column to all of the aforementioned pieces of content.

It’s super lightweight – the whole thing is under 100 lines of code and there are no front-end requests to slow down your site.

There’s also nothing to configure – all you need to do is install and activate the plugin. Then, you’ll see a new ID column in your WordPress dashboard interface:

By default, you’ll see the ID column in every single “Edit” interface. That is, it will show up for:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Custom post types
  • Categories and tags
  • Media library items

But if you want to hide the column for certain types of content, you can use the built-in Screen Options to hide it.

How to Find WordPress User ID?

Similar to other items discussed above, a user ID can also be found by editing a user. Go to Users » All users and click on the username.

WordPress will open the user’s profile, and you can get the user ID from browser’s address bar.

To find your own user ID, click on the number of posts you have written, and you will be redirected to a page listing all posts written by you.

You will get the user id from browser’s address bar where it will be displayed as an author.


So, you find out how to find page id for WordPress sites. If you need any WordPress related problem, contact us.

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