free elementor header template

How to get free elementor header template?

Astra theme is awesome with elementor. You can create a beautiful website using elementor and Astra. You can use envato elements to build elementor pages. Now, let’s do something beyond the limit. We will show you how to get  free elementor header template.

Use Astra theme

Most themes offer custom template for menu. But, we will use Astra theme and show you how to do that.


If you want to create something custom here–especially if you want visitors’ first impressions of the site to be off the charts–then you have two options:

1. Create a child theme. Then edit the code in the header.php or footer.php files to build out your custom designs and layouts.

2. Use the Elementor page builder along with the Header Footer Elementor plugin and NavMenu Addon for Elementor plugin to simplify the whole thing.

Elementor Pro will open up a number of additional widgets and capabilities. Design a beautiful menu using Nav Menu widget and Header and Footer using theme builder.

Step-by-step illustration to achieve professional header and footer using all free resources:

Activate plugins

First of all you need to activate plugins that we recommend.

Note that It’s important to note that, as of right now, the Header-Footer plugin isn’t universally compatible with all WordPress themes. Currently, if you use one of the following, you will be able to use this workflow to design custom headers and footers:

  • Astra – The Fastest, Most Lightweight & Customizable WordPress Theme.
  • Neve
  • Hestia
  • GeneratePress
  • OceanWP
  • Genesis
  • Phlox Theme
  • Attesa Theme

If you have elementor pro, you don’t need to install header footer plugin.

Setup header footer plugin

hfe builder tab

Select Add New.

  • Name the template.
  • Choose whether you want to create a Header or Footer template.
  • Check the box to add this template to the Elementor Canvas page attribute. This is required if you’re not using one of the themes mentioned above; otherwise, it’s not.
  • Set the template to Elementor Canvas if you’re not using one of the supported themes. Otherwise, this isn’t necessary as the header or footer you’ve created will automatically appear on your pages.
  • If you’d like to do away with the header or footer completely, check the boxes to do so.

Hit the Publish button when you’re done.

Add navigation element

You need to show your menu in elementor header. Elementor pro has nav menu system. But it is not free. So, use

 NavMenu Addon for Elementor

Once the NavMenu Addon plugin is installed, it will open up a totally new set of header elements in Elementor:

Header Elements Widgets

Setup menu in appearance

As with other elements in Elementor, all you need to do is drag-and-drop the preferred navigation element into the interface on the right. So long as you have a menu created under the Appearance > Menus tab in WordPress, your new menu will now populate within the template.

If not, return to WordPress and create a new one so you have a navigation bar to include in the template:

WordPress Menus

Verify design

Make sure your design is mobile, tablet friendly.

Header Template Sample image

Apply template sitewide

After doing all those things you need to apply it sitewide. And that’s how we get free elementor header template.


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Is Astra theme free?

Astra theme is absolutely free. However, there is a pro version.

How do I add a header in an Elementor?

To add header in elementor , you need the pro version. After that, you need to use elementor theme builder to update your header.

Which theme is best for Elementor?

Astra Theme is the best theme for Elementor.


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